Stuffies: The Georgie’s

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The Family

They are the second richest family in Stuffieland, other than the Royal’s (Who are the rulers.) They are Mike, Snowflake, Angelette and Angelina(Who are twins.), and Hazel.


Mike is the dad, and he is the head leader of the military. He cooks great steak. He is well-respected and loves to camp. He is only graduated from high school because he went to a military academy,and wanted to focus on that kind of stuff.

2018-04-07 20.35.48
This is Mike! 🙂


Snowflake is the mom and owns a fashion design business. She has orders put in for clothes and sews them. She is a retired fashion designer and teaches gymnastics and dance.

2018-04-07 20.36.13
And……Snowflake! ❤

Angelette and Angelina

They are the rowdy young adult daughters of Mike and Snowflake. They love to play pranks on their little sister, Hazel, and they are best friends with Prince Foxie, Jr.

2018-04-07 20.36.38
The rowdy twins! 🙂


Hazel is a little fashionista, who is a dancer, singer, and gymnast. She is a famous YouTuber, star, and an Instagram celebrity. This little girl is one famous kid. She has 5 original songs and can sew very well. She is in fashion, and girl magazines, and is a model. She has written a book and can speak French.

2018-04-07 20.37.07

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